Friday, September 30, 2011

Conceal Reveal

The bricks were progress, they are so beautiful! After all the building and rebuilding we laid out our relics in order of importance. This was funny, we took turns to choose and used all sorts of criteria. We hid them away whilst we were building the final cube, the best things were at the bottom, near the centre and vice versa. I marked them in chalk on the outside.

I like this thing we made, it doesn't give much away.

Today we've bee writing about what we've done. First we wrote the exhibition text, it's at this point in a project we can start to see the path we've taken. We also made posters to explain. You made Sheet 1, which is an official-looking step-by-step instruction sheet for collecting and cleaning relics, including hazard warnings. It is quite black, it looks like your work. I made Sheet 2, Relic identification. It shows photographs of all the relics, with the descriptions we wrote yesterday, plus the number location mark to you can see where it is in the reliquary. It is very white, it looks like my work.
You're off getting the posters printed as I write this. We've made this blog public now.

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