Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When I arrived today there was a press visit in full swing. That was strange, they were here to see what we were all doing, but none of us quite expected it. I'd never been there before and we hadn't even started. I kept quiet.

I enjoyed looking around your building, I like that all your studios feel like real rooms, with bits of alcoves and wallpaper and fake terrazzo and real parquet. Most studios are chopped up large spaces.

I felt a little lost earlier today, as you say, a known sort of unhappy confusion that comes before you find a way. Scavenging is a good activity, it was good being in the rubble. We bought special dentists tools and aprons and a cloth in preparation for inspecting and cleaning up our finds. We documented them with note cards. We'll draw them too, to help explain how one goes about making a reliquary. As if we know.

I've just remembered my tutor Alison telling me that in some Arab countries, there's a belief that the most precious things are to be hidden away from sight. So that if you had, say, a treasure chest, the best things would be at the bottom, only brought out for the best people. The value of the thing rests, in part, on how many people have seen it - things might somehow be debased by a look.

Tomorrow we'll have some bricks. We will build something fit for our hoard.

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