Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Day

This feels like a residency to me, in the way that for the moment (right at the beginning of these 3 days together) I feel confused. Having done a number of residencies now I feel that this confusion is only the usual way of things. If I still feel confused tomorrow then I will worry.
So far we have wandered around a little bit. I have showed you the ABC cinema site which I have had a real interest in for quite some time now, due to its location in the Cultural Quarter. It was demolished to make way for Tesco.
We started collecting fragments of tiles and other bits of pottery from the mud, and looking at the plants. You said some of them look like wade, which can be used to make indigo.We talk more ab0out reliquairys, and I mention the black box in Mecca, where Muslims go on pilgrimage, and how I imagine a reliquairy like that.We think about putting these treasures we care collecting into a reliquairy. Also noting where we find them. Perhaps we can draw some of them first for the poster and classify them?
Also I show you the stick-up folder from Spode, which is like a manual for how to do something.
I like manual's and would like to make a manual for whatever we do here. Perhaps a manual that says - this is how you make your own reliquairy, or not even a manual? Perhaps a poster?
We talk about bricks again and how to get hold of some. You ring up a local brick manufacturers but they don't seem too interested. We decide to try to scavage some bricks from the ABC site, and see what comes from that...

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